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Cambridge Certificate Exam Day in Graz

veröffentlicht um 29.08.2016, 09:30 von Info NMS-Langenwang
On Thursday, the 9th of June, the English-Intensive-Group travelled to the WIFI in Graz to take the PET - Cambridge Certificate Exam. Our train left at 6AM which took us to the capital of Styria. At 9 o’clock the first exam which was Reading and Writing began, at around 10.40AM the Listening test started. Then we had a break before the next exam. We went to the city centre to reserve a table and to do some shopping. Later that day at 2PM the first pair had their Speaking exam. After we all were done with the last part of our examination we again went to the city centre of Graz to eat lunch in a roof top restaurant where we had a great view of the whole city. It was a very funny day for all of us even though it was exhausting at the same time.